Why Wrong Turn 5 is better than Wrong Turn 6


I recently watched Wrong Turn 6 without any prior feedback on the movie and to my regret it was not up to the expectation. I was expecting something better than previous movies in the series, especially Wrong Turn 5. Wrong Turn 6 was more of a monotonous and predictable movie. It seemed like it was just to fill in the 6th part in the series.


Wrong Turn 5 had a much stronger plot. How those cannibals take down the college students was really astonishing. First they take down the mobile communication link then melt down the power grid. Even that kill was awesome. While in Wrong Turn 6, you know already what’s going to happen. Cannibals have already taken over the whole restaurant and they will certainly kill the visitors. Only curiosity left is in the technique they use for killing. Even that does not happen.


lawn mower kill wrong turn 5

Wrong Turn 5 features some great creative tortures leading to a kill, 6 lacks it. In Wrong Turn 6 they are simply chopping off the heads, cutting throats or smashing axes, too mainstream. While in Wrong Turn 5 they use different than usual ways to kill those people, like running a guy over with lawn mower, throwing one into the grid of 1000s of volts, locking one into the drum and fry him alive and the one in driver seat was epic.


Most importantly Three Finger (Julian Richings) is not the same in Wrong Turn 6. He is the leading figure among cannibals and his older look really distinguishes him. He is just not the same without white hair and a cunning look.

three finger wrong turn

In Wrong Turn 6, he is neither terrifying nor attractive rather kind of weird. Once you have seen a series of 5 movies and already know that everyone is going to die, some creative kills are very much required to keep the movie interesting for 100 minutes.


Well you may be a diehard fan of Wrong Turn 6, but this is strictly my personal opinion and you are more than welcome to disagree with me.

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