Part2: Why SEO is important

Before we get into the technical details of how to perform SEO, let’s consider the importance of SEO. Just ask yourself this question:

Why am I making this website?

And the answers may be like, “to get people to know my business”, “to get people to know my existence” or “to find people to offer my services to”. I mean there might be hundreds of reasons for making a website. It may be different for you as compared to someone else. Out of the billions of websites available on the web, if you want to get found you have to optimize your website as per guidelines of the search engines because they are your ultimate source of traffic.

Otherwise you can’t win the competition:seo competition

If you are making a website now, it may be any kind of website, there is a fair chance that millions of websites are already present to do the same task. In order to be visible with your head high among all those websites, SEO is what you need. All the websites with similar content to that of yours are your competent. You have to work really hard to win the competition.

If a websites has been around for a very long time, you can’t push it back in the wink of an eye. SEO takes time.  SEO is a patient man’s job. If you try to rush things, you will most likely get penalized by Google and do more harm than good. So optimize your website, the natural way.

No SEO means no traffic:

If you don’t SEO your site, people will not know of its existence and they will never end up on your site. Nobody is looking for your website, you have to tell them. You have to tell them how awesome it is and they should come and check it out. You can tell people about your site through SEO.

If you don’t optimize your site for search engines, it will never show up in search results and people will never visit your site. It would just be another piece of text sitting somewhere on the internet which you obviously don’t want.

Traffic is all you need:

Regardless of the kind of website you have, you will need traffic aka visitors to your site. If your site is built around making money, you definitely need traffic. If you are some nonprofit company and just need contributors for your work, you still need traffic. If you are just a tech enthusiast and build websites for fun, you still need people for feedback on your work.  So whenever you are making a website, you will require people to come visit it at some point and you can do it through SEO.

traffic is all you need

Now there is a bunch of stuff you can do with your website, if you have a handsome amount of traffic. You can make money by displaying ads (the most common form of earning). You can sell stuff. You can promote your business. You can display your artwork to the world. You can put your hobby projects on display. You can form a community of likeminded people and do a bunch of stuff. I mean there are literally tons of things you can do with your website if you have good traffic. But more traffic requires more SEO which requires more and more hard work.

SEO is free:

free seo

The best part of SEO is that it’s free. You don’t have to pay a penny for SEO, if you can follow all the steps in my course properly. The most important thing is that you stay patient. White hat SEO takes years not months. If you are really serious about SEO of your website, you should never go black hat. It is usually the black hat SEO which requires you to pay some sort of money to buy 1000s of low quality back links, or content posting software or directory submissions etc. as a result you lose both, money and search rankings. All you need for SEO is time and commitments to stick to your work plan, no matter what the outcome is; and trust me it will be the best ultimately.

It was just some motivation to get you interested in SEO, let’s get started with the technical stuff.

Part3: Basic SEO terms

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