Why People Fail at Making Money Online

Millions of people try to make money online but only a fraction of them actually succeeds. Money making, online or offline, has never been easy. If it were that easy then nobody would be unemployed or homeless. But a quick review of the successful people reveals that there are some characteristics common among them. Same is true for failures also. So I have decided to list down some of the reasons of why people fail at making money online.

People want free lunch:there is no free lunch

Main dilemma of people who fail at making money is that they are willing to get paid but they don’t want to work for it, at least not proportional to the desired results. All they want is to sit back and wish for their bank balance to multiply itself. That’s why many people go after PTC, HYIP, MLM sites and other programs promising to make them rich overnight. Same people get scammed most of the time.

If you are willing to make money online you should be more willing to work hard for it. If you expect to make money without working, you are well mistaken. A little rational analysis of people making 6 figures online reveals the amount of work they put in and the number of failures they had to deal with.

Wanna-be overnight millionaires:

People wishing to make money online don’t think rationally. Even if they start working very hard, they expect to be millionaires overnight. When that doesn’t happen they get frustrated and quit forever. Yes, you can be a millionaire by working online, many people have been; just give your online business enough time to catch up. Having logical expectations are important so that you don’t give up just when your business is about to pick up pace.

overnight millionaires

High expectations:

Even if people don’t expect millions at once, sometimes they still have high expectations that they shouldn’t have. If someone starts a blog today and expects to make $1000 the first month, well it’s an unreasonably high expectation to have. Unless you are selling $1000 worth of stuff and make 1 sale in the first month, you won’t even be close to a $100 in the first month via Adsense. I don’t mean to discourage you but it’s the bitter reality of online earning.

high hopes

If you are willing to make money online, the best approach is to forget about the earning during first 6 months of online earning and focus on more important things for your business. For example if you are a blogger focus more on SEO and content building rather than how many page views you got today or where to get ads. If you are a freelancer focus on building your portfolio and improve your skills, learn how to write professional bids and get work, rather than blindly bidding for stuff you don’t know about. Once you have basic setup in place, money will start coming in automatically and you can set targets to keep yourself motivated.

What fascinates people?

How are people attracted to online work? They would see a blog making $10000 a month or a freelancer making thousands of dollars a month and they would be willing to start an online business, a blog or freelancing firm. Millions of visitors to a blog or a blog making thousands of dollars a month fascinate people urging them to start a blog of their own. But there is something they don’t know.

What they don’t know:

They don’t know how old that blog is, they don’t know how many posts have been written into that blog, they don’t know how many backlinks that blog has, they done know the trouble that blogger had to go through in order to bring that blog to the top. People don’t know all this and ironically they never look for it as well. Such people don’t know the challenges that lay ahead and once they have to confront them without mental preparation, they fail and give up.


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