Top Third Party Android App Stores

Android apps have become very popular over the past few years. With the increasing demand for smart phones, the production of apps has also risen significantly. In fact the android market has become so saturated that if you think of any app name, it would most certainly be available already. So as a developer you must have a very addictive and useful app for it to make it to the top of Google play store. Not every app you make would be addictive and promising so the best way to get your app noticed is to use third party app stores. Although Google play store takes up most of the android market share yet there are certain places where it is not supported and third party app stores are used. Some people like to use third party app stores for more exposure. That is why I have put together a list of top third party app stores for you to choose from.

I will be discussing these app stores from both developer and user point of view.

Amazon: App store for android:amazon app store for android

Amazon is one of the top websites of the world with millions of visitors each day. Having your app on Amazon store means more exposure and more downloads. It also provides you with Amazon ad network which you can incorporate inside your apps to make more money.

Amazon store is the primary store for Amazon kindle devices. So it is more likely for your app to get picked up.

Opera Mobile Store:

Opera mobile store is another very popular app store for third party apps. You can simply sign up as a developer and upload your apps. They will soon be available for downloads. Out of all the third party app stores I use, I have got the maximum downloads via opera mobile store.


This is the easiest to use third party store. If you have your app on Google play store then most of your work is done. All you need is upload the build (.apk file) to Yandex store and it will use the app’s package name to extract all the related info from Google play store.


Appszoom offers you many services for app promotion. Their app reviews are very useful for both users and developers. They help you improve your app for better user experience. You can also get your app featured on appszoom store but the downside is you will have to pay for that.


SlideMe is useful for advanced apps because it does not allow you to upload tutorial apps like flashlight, wallpapers etc. it means there is more possibility for your app to get noticed because there is less junk in this store.

It is also the best third party store for a user. You won’t have to face a lot of junk apps to get to your desired app. You can easily find more and more useful apps to use.


You can login to appbrain with any of your existing accounts at Google, Facebook or twitter and start promoting your app to millions of visitors. It’s very easy to add your app to appbrain. All you have to do is enter the Google play store URL and your app will be fetched from Google play store. It’s like 1 2 3 and done.


This app store has also been working fine. Initially I uploaded only a few apps because approval was taking time but when I checked after a while, I had lots of downloads from Mobango. Now I will upload all the remaining apps as well.

It is interesting to see that some apps which did not perform well at all in Google play store have highest number of downloads on third party stores. So trust me guys third part stores are a great resource for app promotion and I say this out of personal experience.



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