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Study in USA-Global UGrad Exchange Program

study in usa

Ever since my selection for Global UGrad Student Exchange program, people have been asking me about the application procedure, tips and tricks to get that scholarship. So I decided to put it in the form of an article that people can refer to. Well, I would still be happy to guide you in person but in case I am not available, you can always check for your problem here. So let’s get to it. Note: Since I am from Pakistan so the dates mentioned in this article will be referenced to the timeline by USEFP (United States Educational Foundation in…
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Statement of Purpose-Tips and Tricks

Statement of purpose or personal statement is very important when it comes to study abroad. I might use the terms statement of purpose or personal statement interchangeably, but they mean the same thing. You will also find them being used interchangeably in different programs so just remember, they mean the same thing. A personal statement is very important for your program in the sense that it is your first impression on the selection committee. They don’t know you at all. Academic transcripts only deliver some quantitative information about your study background and academic standing but they don’t tell who you…
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