SEO for Blogger

SEO for Blogger

Blogger is free service owned by Google that lets you create your own blog free of cost. If you are blogging because it’s your passion or you want to speak your mind then its fine. But if you are blogging to make money off of it then you need search engine optimization aka SEO to increase traffic to your blog because

Higher Ranking =  More Traffic = More Money

Now let’s talk about how to optimize a free blog for search engine rankings.

Blog layout:

First thing you need to take care of is the look and feel of your blog because Google does not like a website that is either stuffed with a lot of ads or does not present a user friendly environment in some way. Here is the how your blog should look like:

  • Navigation bar at the top.
  • A sidebar showing your most recent posts and post categories, because Google likes a website when all of its contents are easily accessible and this is how they would be.
  • Left aligned posts with cool but relevant pictures and UNIQUE content.
Sample Blog Template

Sample Blog Template

Now if you look around this website, this is pretty much how your blog should look like except for it would be hosted with Google and not have a top level domain. Now I haven’t mentioned the ad placement because that is whole another topic.
Blog theme:

Your blog’s theme must be relevant to your content. It should not happen that you are writing about forex, and your blog theme has beautiful heart and some nice roses around it. If you think about it, they don’t match. I mean you are writing about forex, a completely dry and mind boggling topic and your theme presents some sort of love story blog. Now although it is really not important to search engines but remember your target is end users, the people and not some search engine crawling program. So when people land on your blog by any means they should not be bounced off just because your blog seems awkward.

On page SEO:

SEO is essentially based on keywords and as long as that keyword presents a link it is opening a gate for the users to dive deep in your website and explore your blog for whatever it is that they are looking for. So for on page SEO, you need to link all of your site contents either manually or by using some SEO plugins.

Backlink building:

Blogger can be used for nice and easy backlink building. No matter you are using blogger or some other blogging platform, there is one fact. Blogger blogs are owned by individuals. It is important because when you will ask other webmasters for backlinks, a domain with blogspot is something you should look for. Because there are many chances that those blog owners are also looking for backlinks and if your blog has great content and nice look, there are many chances they will link to your blog hence giving you a backlink. You might have to do the same for them and it will make your blog even stronger.

SEO for blogger is a bit difficult:

Yes and here is why. There are millions of websites on the internet despite the fact that you need to pay for a domain to own it. Now just imagine a service that gives you a free domain of your own, wouldn’t it be stuffed with empty sites. I can challenge you, think of any combination that might make a good domain name and try it in blogger, it won’t be available. The reason is that someone thought of making a website with that name but then he/she lost interest and left it. But the domain name is still unavailable. Now I am not sure if Google has any policy about inactive blogs (if you know, leave me a comment), but I think there is none, therefore most of the blog names are unavailable but not in use.

The whole point of the story is that using a blogspot domain shows that you are not serious about your website, unless it has loads and loads of content and it is about 2-3 years old. There are people having nice blogs on blogger but like I said, it is bit difficult to rank them higher. On the other hand if you put money into purchasing a domain and a hosting, it shows that you are taking your online business more seriously and your website is expected to rank higher in search engines and sooner.

Anyhow this difficulty thing was not to scare you away from blogger and SEO, but it is the fact. Whether you have a paid domain or a free one, SEO is going to take time and effort only that it would be a little higher for a free domain. Well that is my opinion based on my experience and some facts; you can differ or even prove me wrong.


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