SEO Blueprint

seo blueprint

In this article I am going to expound upon the essentials of search engine optimization for your website or blog. Here is the list of things for you to take note of:



  • On page SEO

  • Internal link building

  • Off page SEO

  • Backlink building

Don’t get it? Let me explain


Your website/blog content is THE most important thing for search engine optimization. As the cliché goes “content is the king”, well yeah, content is the king in a sense that backlinks can only get a user to land on your site or make your site appear in the search results. It is your content which is going to hold the users back from bouncing or make them scroll through your website or even refer it to their friends.

Content is the king

Content is the King

Content has to be unique otherwise your site can be penalized by search engines for copyright issues. Well don’t be scared as to where you are going to get this UNIQUE content. Here is a neat little trick from my own experience. Let’s say you find a page and its content is most appealing, read through it and reproduce it in your own words, but don’t copy. It works because everyone has a unique style of writing so there is very little chance that your article will be a duplicate copy of some other article.

Tip for unique content:

If you don’t know a topic, simply Google it and read about 5 articles related to it, then what ever you have learnt, put it into words and bam, you got a nice unique article for yourself. But make sure you don’t have those articles in front of you because then you will tend to copy them, it’s natural.


It is the second most important factor based on which search engines evaluate a website for search rankings. Now there are many black hat and white hat ways to increase your website popularity. I am going to reveal the white hat SEO techniques only because black hat never works.

On page SEO:

As the name suggests, on page SEO is pretty much how your posts or pages are linked internally. None of your posts should be a dead end for your users; rather it should direct them to some other useful resource inside the website.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO

Internal link building:

Internal Link Building

Internal Link Building

Internal link building can be done in many different ways. For the sake of this article I am going to use blogging as an example. Let’s say user A has a blog on blogger while user B has blog on WordPress. Now both of them can use the keywords inside of their posts and link them to other relevant articles inside the website. As you can see, some of the words are colored blue in my website and if you hover over them, they present a link. So it is an example of internal links for SEO. Now user A will have to create each of these links manually whereas user B can use some free WordPress plugin do the job automatically. But user A is running a blog free of cost while user B has paid for a domain and hosting. So you can see that both approaches have pros and cons. It depends on what suits you the best.

Off page SEO:

It is the most important factor in determining a website’s popularity in the eyes of a search engine. Off page SEO means how many websites link to your website and how do they link to it? Are they relevant to your niche or not? What is their level of popularity and credibility?

Backlink building:

Backlink Building

Backlink Building

The technique used for increasing site popularity is called backlink building and there are many ways to do it. These backlinks are vital for SEO, simply put:

More backlinks= more traffic

These backlinks must meet certain criteria. For example they should be legitimate, it should not look to Google that you are trying to increase the number of backlinks only.  They should come from the sites having content relevant to your website. Those links should not misguide users by promising something that is not available on your site.

Properly generated backlinks can increase your traffic in two ways:

  1. Direct users who read those backlinking articles and end up on your site
  2. They will help your site rank higher in search results which means more traffic.

Here is a general SEO checklist which you need to have and check before considering any website optimized for search engines. For specific tutorials on above mentioned techniques, read on….

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