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How not to make money online

If there are 100s of ways to make money online then there are 1000s of ways not to make money online. Now you might think, “Why would I want to read about ways to not make money online?”  Well, these are the traps or scams you need to avoid while looking for online work. If you have ever tried to make money online, then I can bet you have gotten into one of these scams and probably lost money as well. Anyhow if you haven’t, good for you. I am putting together these scams so that nobody gets scammed anymore….
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Part5: How to develop quality content for SEO

I have already established the importance of quality content. If you haven’t read that article, I would urge you to go back and read it before moving on. Although great content is important for your website, it is not easy to come up with unique and high quality content. Well, if it were easy everyone would do it, duh. So I would explain some tricks to help you generate quality content for rapid expansion of your online business. Write about what you love: This is the most important aspect of creating original content. If you don’t write about what you…
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Part4: Importance of quality content for SEO

Content is anything you post on your website, it may be text, images or videos. Content is what defines your website. It tells the users and search engines what your website is all about. High quality content can result in lots of new and returning visitors because people will find your content interesting and engaging. Content is the most important part of SEO: If someone asks me that what is the most important part of SEO. I would say “content”. The more unique content you have on your website, more people will visit your site.  Here is why. Millions of…
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