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5 Management lessons I learnt at a welcome party

Event management has been coined as the world’s most stressing job and it is true given the number of variables you have to deal with. There are like hundreds of dimensions to consider while planning any event. You have to deal with people of different mental and emotional tolerance and even if a single thing goes wrong, it can flush all your effort down the drain. Getting everything done as planned is what makes event management the most stressing. Recently I had the chance to attend a welcome party thrown to our junior batch. Although I couldn’t actively participate due…
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Part7: How to do keyword research

When it comes to SEO, many people talk about keyword research but nobody really tells you how to conduct it. This was the problem I faced in the earlier days of my SEO training. So I decided to walk you, step by step, through complete process of keyword research.  Figure out the keywords for you: First thing you need to figure out is the keyword or more than one keywords that “you think” are good for you. It is more of a mental activity. Just sit down in a cozy chair, grab a cup of coffee, a page and a…
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Part6: What is keyword research?

The moment you think of starting an online business, keyword research is the first step even before registering a domain and a hosting. You should know your primary keyword(s) before registering the domain name. Although it is not necessary that domain name must include your keyword but it is better. Blogs like huffingtonpost and johnchow don’t include keywords in the domain names yet they rank in top ten blogs in the world. So this importance brings us to the discussion of a keyword. What is a keyword? A keyword is any word or a combination of words that users enter…
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