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Why Wrong Turn 5 is better than Wrong Turn 6

  I recently watched Wrong Turn 6 without any prior feedback on the movie and to my regret it was not up to the expectation. I was expecting something better than previous movies in the series, especially Wrong Turn 5. Wrong Turn 6 was more of a monotonous and predictable movie. It seemed like it was just to fill in the 6th part in the series.   Wrong Turn 5 had a much stronger plot. How those cannibals take down the college students was really astonishing. First they take down the mobile communication link then melt down the power grid….
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How College Students can Make Money Online

Money is always an issue with college students. It maybe for paying bills or covering pocket money, students always find them short of cash. However in a simple, single life of a student, a little bit extra cash can bring a lot of fun in life. There is bunch of stuff you can do with extra money; Buy some cool stuff, hangout a little more than usual and at better places or go to parties. But if you think a little bit, there are many simple ways you can make money online without compromising your studies and have more fun…
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Part11: Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is what makes your site popular and drives traffic to it. This is the critical step towards white hat SEO and takes a lot of time, I repeat “a lot”. Patience is the key here. Many people try to get some links during this process but if does not go as expected, they resort to black hat SEO techniques like purchasing backlinks, site rotators, traffic exchange etc. these techniques might raise the numbers but compromise the quality. It is better to have 1 legitimate backlink from a reputed site than to have 1000 low quality backlinks from…
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