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Part12: 5 Tips on Backlink Building

Backlinks are the backbone of your websites reputation. High quality backlinks means better reputation which leads to targeted and high traffic. But search engines require that links to your website must come naturally. Now you can either wait for years for other websites to link to you and there is no guarantee they would do that, or you can follow these tips and build natural looking backlinks much faster. In this lesson I am going to expound upon the characteristics of high quality backlinks and what search engines expect from website that rank higher. Next lesson would reveal the actual…
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Why People Fail at Making Money Online

Millions of people try to make money online but only a fraction of them actually succeeds. Money making, online or offline, has never been easy. If it were that easy then nobody would be unemployed or homeless. But a quick review of the successful people reveals that there are some characteristics common among them. Same is true for failures also. So I have decided to list down some of the reasons of why people fail at making money online. People want free lunch: Main dilemma of people who fail at making money is that they are willing to get paid…
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Weekly Forex Commentary- 11/2/2014

EUR/USD: EUR/USD seems to have resumed the downtrend after hitting resistance at 1.28640-1.28670 level. But it is still at the support level at 1.25200. You need to wait for a price action pattern to form before jumping into this pair. If a breakout happens with a price action pattern in congruence with the downtrend, it may be a good signal to enter the market.     USD/JPY: USD/JPY hit a very big breakout before the close on last Friday but that does not mean you should blindly jump in. although this pair does not show any resistance but price action…
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