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Statement of Purpose-Tips and Tricks

Statement of purpose or personal statement is very important when it comes to study abroad. I might use the terms statement of purpose or personal statement interchangeably, but they mean the same thing. You will also find them being used interchangeably in different programs so just remember, they mean the same thing. A personal statement is very important for your program in the sense that it is your first impression on the selection committee. They don’t know you at all. Academic transcripts only deliver some quantitative information about your study background and academic standing but they don’t tell who you…
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Google Chrome has a built-in game you never knew about

It really sucks when internet connection is not working. If you are using chrome you will probably get a window like this.     Ever tried to press the “Up” key at this screen? No? Well, go ahead, disconnect your internet connection and try it. You will see it turns out to be a nice and sweet 2D game with a running dinosaur in it. All you have to do is save him from bumping into one of the desert plants otherwise game will end. I know the game seems easy but trust me it isn’t. Once you get to play…
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Small Business SEO Terminology

A/B testing: a method used in online marketing as well as web development to describe the process of testing variable A against B. Awareness stage: The first stage in buying cycle in which a consumer realizes a need that can be fulfilled by acquiring a particular product or service. Branded keywords: Any keywords that include the name of business, site or the brand. Broad match: In paid advertising, a keyword setting that allows the ad to be displayed whenever a search is made for that keyword or any variation of it. Buying (Purchase) Stage: The fourth stage of buying cycle…
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