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SEO Blueprint

seo blueprint

In this article I am going to expound upon the essentials of search engine optimization for your website or blog. Here is the list of things for you to take note of: Content Popularity On page SEO Internal link building Off page SEO Backlink building Don’t get it? Let me explain Content: Your website/blog content is THE most important thing for search engine optimization. As the cliché goes “content is the king”, well yeah, content is the king in a sense that backlinks can only get a user to land on your site or make your site appear in the…
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Free SEO training

free seo training

Back when I started to look for online income and I came across SEO, I was pretty confused and stranded. I had nowhere to go, no money to pay for expensive and professional SEO training and I ended up learning black hat SEO. Well I got a couple of adsense accounts banned but then I realized that this is not how it’s going to be. I mean it takes less time to do white hat SEO then black hat SEO and it is much more rewarding. So if you are also looking for free SEO training from scratch, congratulations, you…
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Forex fundamental and technical analysis

Technical vs Fundamental Analysis

When it comes to analyzing the financial markets, there are two main types of analysis, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. There are up and down sides to both of them and It really depends on your trading strategy and trading mindset what suits you the best. Some traders find technical analysis easier than fundamental while some traders find it otherwise. I am going to explain both of them and you can decide based on your plan of action and trading psychology.   Fundamental analysis: Financial news tends to produce great effects on market fluctuations. The use of financial announcements to…
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