Part11: Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is what makes your site popular and drives traffic to it. This is the critical step towards white hat SEO and takes a lot of time, I repeat “a lot”. Patience is the key here. Many people try to get some links during this process but if does not go as expected, they resort to black hat SEO techniques like purchasing backlinks, site rotators, traffic exchange etc. these techniques might raise the numbers but compromise the quality. It is better to have 1 legitimate backlink from a reputed site than to have 1000 low quality backlinks from 1000s of irrelevant sites.

So off page SEO takes time and you have to be patient for the following techniques to take off.

Link building:

link building, backlinks

Link building is the most important factor in off page SEO. It helps search engines calculate the popularity of your website. If people visit your site and they like it, they will certainly want to link back to it. This gives search engines a reason to believe that your site is trusted and liked among people.

Those links have to be relevant and here is why. Let’s say a blogger, who blogs about the same stuff as you do, visits your site and likes the content so much that he links back to it. That blogger knows much more about your common field than a layman. So a link from his blog will mean to Google that an expert visited your site, evaluated it and gave it a green signal. And that is what Google wants. And yes I use the terms Google and search engines, interchangeably.

Social media marketing:

social media marketing

Social media has really shot off nowadays. People spend more time on social media websites than they do on all other sites combined. So you can either sit back and wait for people to go search on Google, then a fraction of them will search for your target keywords, a fraction of them will be interested in your site and a fraction of them will actually end up on your site. If they were a million people in searching hardly ten might end up on your site.

Or you can make your blog popular on social media. You can create a Facebook page for your blog and share your posts to your page automatically using “Jetpack”. You can create a message board on pinterest and show it to people. You can share it pros via LinkedIn. There are so many options for you to improve your web appearance; all you need is to step in.

Directory submissions:

Article Directory submissions are very useful for off page SEO. Since these directories have frequently updating content, they are crawled and indexed more often than other websites. If you have your site linked to any of the directories, there are bright chances that people will visit your site. Since millions of people visit these directories daily, you can easily find the audience best suited for your blog.

article directories

However take care while submitting to these directories, otherwise you can face penalties. First of all choose only the trusted directories like DMOZ. Secondly don’t submit articles too fast and don’t build too many links from a single directory otherwise your blog will get suspicious in the eyes of search engines. Make directory submission a random process so that it looks natural to search engines.

Social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking sites allow the users to bookmark stuff they like on social media and they can access it from anywhere. Since millions of people visit social bookmarking sites, you will increase your site appearance and traffic by doing so.

Guest blogs:

You can find blogs with similar content as that of yours and write guest posts for them. If your content is original and relevant, the blog owners will be happy to put it on their blog and you can add a link to your website at the bottom. You get a link, they get content, and it’s a win-win. Even if you don’t get a link recognized by search engines, there are bright chances that people who visit that blog and read your post will visit your site as well.

Blog Comments:

Commenting on others posts with a link to your blog can be another powerful tool to build link to your site or invite people who read that comment. But take care of certain things while commenting. Your comments have to be relevant. It’s useless to comment about sports stuff on a cosmetics blog. First of all it won’t be approved by the blog admin; even if moderation is not applied people who will come to your site would just be frustrated because they were never interested in what you have to offer in the first place.

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