Part4: Importance of quality content for SEO

Content is anything you post on your website, it may be text, images or videos. Content is what defines your website. It tells the users and search engines what your website is all about. High quality content can result in lots of new and returning visitors because people will find your content interesting and engaging.

Content is the most important part of SEO:

If someone asks me that what is the most important part of SEO. I would say “content”. The more unique content you have on your website, more people will visit your site.  Here is why. Millions of people are looking for a bunch of different stuff online on a daily basis. If you have let’s say only 10 articles on your blog, there are very little chances that it will match what people are looking for. However if you have 1000 articles on your blog, there are very bright chances that people will end up on your blog, while looking for online stuff.

In other words Content is directly proportional to traffic. This is the reason Wikipedia always appears on 3rd or 4th place on almost every search result. Wikipedia has millions of content pages which people can read and benefit from. So to motivate you about producing quality content frequently, here is a rule I would like to mention.

Number of posts on your blog= number of daily unique visitors

I have made this rule based upon my research. For example if you visit, you will find about 15000 posts on this blog and it has roughly 15000 daily unique visitors according to Site Worth Checker as well. So you can count on this rule.

What is the reason that Huffington Post is the number one blog in the world? It is because it has frequently updating content and more content than any other blog online. So I guess that establishes the importance of quality content.

Audio visual content:

images videos content

Although many people believe that images and videos are not important from SEO perspective because search engine bots can’t detect them, I disagree with this belief. While producing content, your focus must be people not the search engines because your ultimate goal is human traffic. SEO is just a way to increase that human traffic.

Although most search engine bots are blind to images and videos but you can always use alt text to get your images indexed with the search engines. It gives more exposure to your blog. When people search for images of your targeted keywords, your website is likely to appear in those search results resulting in more organic traffic.

Frequency is as important as content itself:

Would you write 100 articles in the first month of making your website and then forget about it or would you span those 100 posts over a period of three months with the frequency of 1 post daily? If you are going with the second approach you are on the right track.

frequency of content

Frequently updating content is what makes your site active. That is how search engines distinguish between active and inactive websites. Post Frequency does not have to be as cumbersome as 4-5 posts daily. It may be as lenient as 1 post per week. But whatever frequency you set, try to stick with it and keep updating content on your site frequently.

Although a higher frequency would be better than a lower one as it will increase your traffic many fold and search engines will be more interested in your website due to frequent updates. But please avoid duplicate content because that is the death of your website. Don’t resort to higher frequency at the expense of duplicate or low quality content.

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