How to use Youtube for SEO

youtube seo

Youtube is the most popular video hosting site with millions and millions of daily visitors. So it can be a very powerful source for quality backlinks to your site. Youtube can also be used to make money from your videos, but again all you need is traffic in both cases.

When I say Youtube SEO, it can be broken down into two major categories.

  1. Youtube for website SEO
  2. website for Youtube videos SEO


  1. Youtube for website SEO:

If you can some website where you teach something, you can create videos about it and post them on Youtube and link back to your website in description. Videos are a great source for teaching and learning because many people find reading boring and audio visual rather appealing. So there are many chances that if people watch your videos and they are great, they will pay a visit to your website. But there are certain things you need to take care of while following this approach for SEO.

youtube seo

Youtube for SEO

Relevant video content:

Your video content must match that of your website. It should not happen that your website is about SEO and you post a music video linking back to that site. If someone is looking for music and they end up on your site which is regarding SEO techniques, they will simply bounce of and that will be hazardous for your site popularity.

Useful videos:

Your videos must contain some meat and help the users; instead of just saying something like, “for learning SEO, visit this website” etc. in other words, people should not visit your website because you asked them to, rather they should visit it because the video content compelled them to.

No adult content:

Your videos should not promote any kind of adult content because it might be a cheap trick to drive some visitors to your site, however it will simply drive them away. There are otherwise little chances that such a video will be published on Youtube in the first place.

  1. Website for Youtube videos SEO:

Just like you can use Youtube videos to increase your website popularity, similarly it can be other way round. You can link to your Youtube videos within your website and send some of the visitors there to make money from Youtube. This approach will win the confidence of your users convincing them of your efforts and the quality of your content. They are very likely to refer your website to other users, hence driving more traffic. Such a type of interlinked network is the best approach towards free SEO, where you don’t have to pay for expensive SEO softwares or SEO services.

These are the two main ways through which you can increase backlinks to your website and optimize it properly. I have discussed the in depth details specific to each technique in my other posts, so be sure to check them out.


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