How to make money with android apps

make money from android apps

Android development has progressed rapidly over the past few years. Most of the smart phones work on top of android OS nowadays which has made android a very powerful platform. There are many ways to make money from android market. All you need is some basic knowledge of android development and a million dollar idea, well any idea will work and I will show you how.

Develop paid apps:


paid android apps

One way to make money from android market is by selling apps on Google play store and other third party stores. If you can develop a good game or a simple personalization app, you are good to go because statistics show that personalization apps get the max number of downloads.

There are certain things to consider like merchant account is not available in every country. If you live in one of those countries then you might have to consider other options. If your app does not sound promising enough then people are less likely to risk money on it. This might cut down potential app users and reduce ad revenue as well.

Distribute free apps:

free apps

If you can’t develop paid apps or don’t want to do that, you can always create free apps and make money by displaying ads using ad serving networks like Admob, Airpush and many others.

There are different types of publisher models for example admob pays you on per click basis i.e. if a user clicks an ad you get paid as per the cost of that click. Airpush offers a pay per download model along with pay per click. If a user downloads an app hosting airpush ads, you will get paid no matter if an ad is click or not.

You can adopt one of the two approaches to make money from free apps.

  1. Cook a million dollar idea and execute it properly. Create only one app based on that idea and spend good time and money on that app. Distribute it for free and allow people to download and give you ad clicks. I am essentially talking an idea that leads to an app like candy crush saga, clash of clans, minecraft etc. since such ideas are not easy to grab and execute, you might need a whole developers’ team to do it.
  2. Create simple apps but create many of them. Some of them will turn out to be better than others and give you some passive income. I created almost 40 wallpaper apps which would allow you to set wallpapers and save image to gallery with the need of an internet connection. If you have internet connection, you could share them on all of the apps on your device. Out of those 40, about 3 have made it to above 500 downloads, rest are still struggling. So the point is that you need to have a great idea to make more money.

Display ads:ad serving networks

If you have a website or small business, you can display ads on mobile networks to get more and more leads and generate sales. Although it will cost you some money but the sales you can generate by targeting millions of mobile users will give you a nice profit.

These are some of the ways to make money from android apps. I will add more as I get hold of them. But for now, if you want to make money from android, go ahead and start learning android development.

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