How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

Making money online is very fascinating these days because it allows you the comfort and freedom which your traditional job can never offer. But just because it is comforting does not mean is easy and this is the biggest myth about online money making, neither does it mean that you will be a millionaire overnight.

Lest talk about why people want to make money online and then I will give you all possible ways that you can make money with.

If you are making money online, all you need is a computer and a working internet connection so you don’t have to go anywhere to work. This helps you avoid all the hassle of travelling or running into traffic jams.

Online money making offers you freedom. You can work at your own pace. You don’t have to meet any deadlines. Above all you don’t have to answer a boss or go nuts to make him happy.

You don’t need to cancel any plans, if you make money online because you don’t necessarily have to show up on the job each day. If you don’t feel like working someday, you can go take some fresh air, or go to picnic or hang out with friends.

There are endless reasons you can give to make money online but only reasons are not enough. You need to take action. So here are the possible ways you can use to make money online.

The only way to make money online is to “work”. Yes, there is no free money no matter what many scammers have you believe. Where to work, what to work and how to work is the question. And here are all the answers.


This is the most common, oldest and proven way to make money online. If you know about anything and write about it, this is your field. You may start a free blog or a paid one, but as long as you are willing to put right amount of effort into it, it will pay you a lot of money. All you need is unique content and proper search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website and make money from ads.




If you have a skill, you can offer your services as a freelancer. Your skills must be related to digital services, for example you may be a programmer, a graphic designer, a web developer, article writer, logo designer, app developer or anything you can offer on the internet. No matter what skills you have, you should be willing to work and offer your services at the best. You may use services like, or to find work; or you could create your own website and offer freelance services on it.



However it takes away a bit of the freedom which online money making offers you, because you need to meet the deadlines of the clients in order to maintain your reputation. Anyhow, I have discussed this form of online money making in a separate article, so make sure you check it out for more tips.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell others stuff and get a certain amount of commission on it. Believe it or not, many people are looking to buy stuff online while many others are looking to make money by selling stuff. If you can help them both meet each other, you deserve a portion of that money. If your website is about pets then you can post a link to a site that sells dog food or offers veterinary services and if people buy them using your affiliate link, you will get a certain percentage of commission. More on this later.

Selling stuff

make money selling

Make Money Selling

You can make some money by selling stuff, may be an eBook. If you have spent a lot of time a certain field and have a good knowledge about it, you can put it in the form of an eBook with an addition of your experiences and sell it to people. If your content is good then there are chances that they will refer it to other people as well, hence increasing your income. But make sure you give them what you promise; otherwise it will not only reduce your customers but is also unethical.

Offering services

You can offer services and get paid for them. Your services might include website setup, website seo, online interactive teaching etc. but again you have to work for each one of them in order to get money.

Multilevel marketing

Multilevel marketing or MLM is very common way to make money online. As the name suggests there are multiple tiers at which you can earn certain percentage of your services. You join some affiliate program and invite your friends to it; if they also join or purchase the product you get paid a certain commission. If they invite their friends, they get paid and you get paid too, hence the name multilevel marketing.

Multi Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing

One of the problems with this type of earning is that if the host program closes or turns out to be a scam, all your effort will be lost. Well not all because your team will be with you but most of the effort will go waste.

Social media marketing

It is a new form of online earning, comparatively. With the increasing popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, they have become the source of targeted audience for many small businesses.

How you can make money from social media marketing? You can help promote other businesses, getting them page likes on Facebook which will increase their audience and you can charge them for that.

Make Money from Forex Trading

Make Money from Forex Trading


Foreign exchange is the process of buying and selling currencies and if the price of your bought currency increases, you make a profit. However there is a downside to it that if the prices decreases, you will be in a loss. With the advent of internet, electronic trading has gained grounds and many people are trading currencies online. Although it is a good way to make money but it requires some sort of investment and a lot of knowledge of the market to make you a handsome living.

These are some of the possible ways you can use to make money online. Each of these requires work and has its own pros and cons, now it is for you to figure out, what suits you best. Once you have figured it out, you can follow the links inside this post to read more about them and start working and making money.

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