Part5: How to develop quality content for SEO

I have already established the importance of quality content. If you haven’t read that article, I would urge you to go back and read it before moving on.

Although great content is important for your website, it is not easy to come up with unique and high quality content. Well, if it were easy everyone would do it, duh. So I would explain some tricks to help you generate quality content for rapid expansion of your online business.

Write about what you love:

This is the most important aspect of creating original content. If you don’t write about what you are fascinated to, you will be frustrated and give up very soon. Writing about something you don’t like is a cumbersome job and it becomes difficult to frequently update that content.

The topics don’t have to be very professional or something, you can write just about anything. You can write about technology reviews, some upcoming smart phone, review an android or iPhone app. You can write about your day, your favorite music band, favorite celebrity, movie reviews, favorite recipes, anything.


Even if you don’t know what to write at some point or you run out of ideas, you can search for that topic online read bunch of stuff and reproduce it in your own words and bam! You got original content right there.

Let it flow:

let it flow

Don’t just write the gist about some topic. Make it worth the reader’s time. You see there are hundreds of ways to say the same thing. Some people might like it to be put in a different manner than the others. So writing content with various styles will help diversify your scope and increase your viewership.

Another advantage of writing long articles is that it will increase the average amount of time visitors spend on your site. It is one of important factors with search engines. People spending more time on your site means they find the content useful which is a plus one for your site in the eyes of search engines. So make your articles at least 600-700 words long and I said at least.

Now longer articles should not come at the cost of duplication. If you feel like you can’t take the article any further without copying then leave it short. If you copy content just to make it longer, all your effort will go futile.

Write for people not for search engines:

write for people

While writing content for your blog, remember people not the search engines. Your ultimate goal is visitors, the humans. Search engine is just a way to get more visitors. If you can get those visitors without search engines, what’s the harm?

At some point of your writing, if you realize that you are unable to cope with the right keyword density and add some random sentences just to make up for the missing keywords, it will mess up your content. So my advice is don’t do it.

After having written your article, read it once before posting it on your blog. Read it as it belongs to someone else and you have a dire need to criticize it. This way you will be able to look at your article from your viewers’ point of view and that will help you improve a lot. And be honest while evaluating your content, it’s for your own good.

Avoid duplicate content:

avoid duplicate content

This is perhaps the most devastating attempt at killing your reputation with both people and search engines. People may not find it at first but search engines will definitely penalize your site for duplication and you will need triple the amount of effort to gain your positive reputation back.

That’s why I advise all my readers to write about what they love. It helps you to stay focused and have enough content in your head that you don’t become a copy cat. Even if you find something much relevant to your topic that is already on the internet and you feel the need to have it on your blog, don’t copy and paste it. Just read it once or twice. Think about it and write it again without looking at it. Try to change some of the words with their synonyms and you will end up with a completely unique yet awesome article.

You can use online resources like to check for duplication.

Avoid grammatical mistakes:

Grammatical mistakes represent your non serious attitude. There is a bond between the author and the readers and by posting grammatically ill articles, you are violating that code. People will think, “he doesn’t have enough time to check for grammatical errors? It’s disturbing”. And trust me it is quite embarrassing that in such an advances tech world, you post articles full of grammatical mistakes. All you have to do is run a spell checker in your word processor and it will eliminate all the errors for you. Just spend 2 minutes on it and it will improve your readers’ experience.

State the facts:

facts puzzle illustration

Including facts in any post makes it look more promising and well researched. But there are few things you need to consider. Not every post has to have facts in it. Whenever you state facts, just make sure they are real. Don’t just make things up to mislead your readers. If you don’t know about anything, Google it. If you still can’t find a fact, better leave it out than stating it wrongly.

These were some of the tips for writing quality content. If you think I missed something, leave me a comment.

Otherwise move on to the next part.

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