Part9: How to calculate keyword density

keyword densityKeyword density is very crucial to relevant indexing of your WebPages in the search engines. Search engine spiders evaluate a page based on keyword density and then store it with relevant keywords. If crawlers get a wrong idea of webpage’s primary keyword, your page might end up indexing under wrong class of keywords which would be fatal for its search rankings. So here are some dos and don’ts of keyword density for better SEO.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the ratio of your primary keyword to the total number of words in your post.

Keyword density= (keyword count/total number of words)*100

If you have a thousand words article and your primary keyword is “android apps” which appears 30 times then the keyword density would be 3%. But if some other word such as “iPhone apps” appears 35 times then keyword density for keyword “iPhone apps” would be 3.5% and there are chances that search engine bots will index your webpage for “iPhone apps” instead of “android apps” which you don’t want. If your webpage is centered on the audience for “android apps” then showing your page to iPhone audience would mean low quality and irrelevant traffic. So you need to be extremely careful while picking up keyword density.

Right keyword density:

What should be the right amount of keyword density? This question is often asked by the beginners. There is no rule of thumb as to what should be the right density but there are certain technicalities to consider while writing a blog post.

Your primary keyword should have the highest keyword density. Otherwise your page will rank for irrelevant keywords as I mentioned earlier.

Always maintain a balanced keyword density, it should neither be too high that your webpage faces a penalty from search engines, nor should it be too low that spiders are unable to recognize the keyword for your page.

As a common consensus, 3-4% is the keyword density to go with. But if you are a beginner then I would suggest that you stick to less than 3%, just to be on the safer side.

Tools for checking keyword density:

It is completely absurd to count each keyword appearing in your post and then divide it by total words. This is where technology comes to your help. You can use different keyword density checker software where you are required to insert your article and the keyword you want to check the density for, and it will give you the keyword density.

You can use any of the following tools for checking keyword density.

Keyword Density Analyzer by SEO Book

Real Time Keyword Density

Remember, as I mentioned in previous lessons, a keyword does not have to be a single word; it can be a phrase as well. So if your keyword consists of multiple words then make sure you enter complete phrase while checking for keyword density.

Part10: On Page SEO

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