How to be SEO expert?

seo expert

Search engine optimization is very vital to any online business because of the ease of access it can offer to both, the merchant and the client. A well optimized site means more leads which can translate to more and more sales. Just like a well laid out business plan is important for any business in general, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are essential for online business in particular. As a SEO expert you can not only improve your website rankings, but you can also extend those expert SEO services to other business owners and make money from your expertise. Acquiring expertise in any field requires extensive effort and commitment and SEO is no different.

In this post I am going to give you a sort of blueprint that will help a complete beginner to start learning SEO from scratch and make it all the way up to expert level. Let’s get going.

Learn SEO:

learn seo

Learn SEO

Learning is the most important stage of any skill, because if you don’t get your knowledge and concepts right, there will be little chances to your success. There are a variety of different sources that will teach you SEO for free; at least this website is the one. You should start learning from very basics and utilize any means of learning that you can find on the internet. Some people find reading easier than watching videos while others do the opposite. No matter what way you adopt, make sure you don’t give up and keep learning until you can confidently talk about SEO for hours.

Another important thing to take note of is that learning is an ongoing process. So if you have learnt SEO once and then started practicing and everything is going great, does not mean you should quit learning. In fact whenever you come across new tips and tricks for link building or other SEO techniques, don’t ignore them. They might be a good addition to your SEO skills.

Practice SEO:

Knowledge is no good without practicing. You may know about something and know a lot. But knowing something theoretically is one thing and putting it to practice is another. You can’t be an expert in any field unless you have experienced it practically. Many things seem easier theoretically but they are not. Search engine optimization also requires a lot of practice on your part. You will find more and more techniques to build links, do on page and off page SEO etc. and as you progress you will begin to find easier and faster ways to do it. It will improve your efficiency as well as quality of SEO you do for any website.

practice seo

Practice SEO

Evolve with technology:



Although using software and multiple article submission websites is not a good SEO technique and it’s not recommended because of the low quality backlinks it generates, but with little tweaks you can use this timesaving technology to your advantage.

The way to do this is to create layers between these article submission directories and your money sites (the sites you want to rank higher in Google so that you can make money off of them). The articles submitted to these low quality sites are only useful if they link back to your content, but if they do they may get your website penalized by search engines. So what you can do is link back to your e-zine articles or hubpages which will eventually link back to your money sites. Since you are not making any money from e-zine articles or hubpages so there penalty won’t matter much. However the links from these sources will appreciate a lot in value.

Never go black hat SEO:

say no to black hat seo

No Black Hat SEO

If you have been in this industry for a little while, this term won’t be strange to you. Black hat SEO means the use of cheap tricks to improve your website traffic. Some of the ways include asking friends to surf your website or click on ads. Submitting your site to traffic rotators or auto surf websites is also a black hat technique. But if you do this, you will come to know that white hat SEO takes less time and proves more useful than black hat. So just trust me on this because I have experienced it and never go for black hat SEO. It never works.

If you follow the above framework, you can easily make it to the list of top SEO experts. The site you setup while practicing SEO can be used to convince business owners about your skills and they will definitely hire SEO expert with that level of skills.




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