Part14: How not to Build Backlinks

How not to build backlinks is more important than how to build them, because once you get penalized or red flagged by Google for black hat tricks, you will have a very hard time gaining back the reputation. I have been stressing throughout the course that “SEO takes time” and I have done that for a reason. Many new bloggers get frustrated along the way because they don’t see their efforts bearing any dependable fruit and they resort to black hat SEO techniques.

donts of link building

There is no concrete time duration for SEO of any website. Some keywords are strong and websites based on them take off sooner than others. Some people have interesting stuff to share and attract more visitors than others. Your case may be different so don’t give up. Whatever it is you blog about, there are millions of people out there to read it. You simply need to wait and work to reach that audience. But if you try to take elevator instead of the stairs when it comes to SEO, I am afraid you will come crashing down just as fast. I don’t mean to scare you. Just keep track of the below mentioned things, avoid them and you are good to go.

Auto- submission directories:

Many websites and softwares claim to submit your article to thousands of article submission directories and that is where destruction begins. Webmasters think that they will have thousands of backlinks in the wink of an eye but they don’t. First of all they don’t deliver what they promise. Secondly even if they do, your articles will be marked spam due to duplication. You are submitting same article to 1000s of directories, what makes you think it won’t be noticed for duplication? Let’s say they change the articles a little bit but search engines like Google have come this far because they are strong enough to figure out such frauds. Even if you get a couple backlinks they will carry no value because these directories are already marked as spam by search engines. Remember the rule, “1 high quality backlink is way better than 1000 low quality ones.”

To put it simply, if SEO is not taking enough time, you are not doing it right.

Link building websites:

Never submit your site to one of these. They claim to build thousands of backlinks at once for you. All you have to do is submit your site URL to one of these and they claim to take care of the rest. Just think to yourself, if those links very good enough those site owners would build new blogs every day and making millions but they are just struggling to talk people into visiting their site and generating an ad click for them. Just remember it as a rule of thumb, never go for auto submissions and bulk link building. They are all black hat.


These are scripts that put your site in a queue with other random sites. All you have to do is pay some pennies or download software and then submit your site and you will start getting clicks. You may not do this with an intention to get links from these rotators but search engines can easily detect traffic from them and your site stands a very nice chance of getting penalized. That traffic is of no use anyway.

Traffic exchange programs:

In these programs you view others sites to gain credits and then redeem them as traffic for your site. The idea is there somebody like you struggling for traffic and he will also be visiting random sites for credits and he will just pass your site without even looking at it. Honestly, how many sites would you scan through while hunting for credits? None. You will simply visit more and more sites for maximum credits not caring about what they have to offer. Search engines deal with them the same way they do with rotators.

Asking people to view pages and click ads:

no click fraud

There is very bad trend among new bloggers they exchange traffic manually. It is due to lack of education about SEO and search engine mechanism. They simply ask each other to visit each other’s websites, scroll through a set number of pages and then click one of two ads. No wonder many of them get banned from Adsense but that is a different discussion. The point is when your friend will simply scan through pages with least interest in what you have to offer, it will reduce the session time. And it is perfectly logical to figure out the reason of why a person, who is least interested in content, visits 30-40 pages of a website hardly spending 2 seconds on each of them.

Usually such exchangers meet at the same time of the day, so the process does not stay as random as it should which makes search engines suspicious of this activity.

So just focus on the content and white hat link building techniques and don’t worry about them a lot. As the content increases people will link to your sit eventually. Don’t push it. The time you would waste while looking for rapid link building techniques can be well spent in producing quality content.



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