How College Students can Make Money Online

Money is always an issue with college students. It maybe for paying bills or covering pocket money, students always find them short of cash. However in a simple, single life of a student, a little bit extra cash can bring a lot of fun in life. There is bunch of stuff you can do with extra money; Buy some cool stuff, hangout a little more than usual and at better places or go to parties.

money for college students

But if you think a little bit, there are many simple ways you can make money online without compromising your studies and have more fun in your college life. I have put together some of the ways you can make money online and they don’t cost you a dime. You are busy, you say? Well they are not very time consuming. When it comes to time management, you can always be choosy since you would be your own boss either way. If your studies are smooth you can focus on making money but if you have exams coming up you can suspend the work and concentrate on your grades. All you need is spare an hour or maybe half each day and you can get through with your expenses easily by the end of the month.

Here are some of the ways you can adopt as a college student to make some extra bucks.

Upload Video tutorials:

Ok, you don’t have to be a nerd to do this. Regardless of where do you stand in your studies, you will have some knowhow of your course. Well you can record a video of you explaining the course and put it online. Or you can grab a nerd and ask him to explain a topic to you and meanwhile you can record it. Then you can either sell it as a course by the end of the semester, for the freshmen to benefit from or you can put it on YouTube and make money from ads.

video tutorials

Use Social media:

You can use the power of social media for a bunch of stuff. Anything you do, you can make it visible and accessible through social media be it your video tutorials, blog or a business. You will certainly have some friends and a lot of class mates in college, well you can ask them to share your stuff and have their friends share it and bam! Before you know it, your work shoots off and you are making a handsome income.

You can even start with as simple as selling Facebook likes. You can put price on maybe a 1000 likes. If someone asks you to get it for their page, you can ask your friends to like it for you and have their friends like it and soon you will hit the target and get paid for it. You can do the same with twitter followers.

Ticket brokers:ticket broker

If your college is holding some event, for example a movie night, you can purchase tickets in bulk at a discounted price and then sell them off and scrape some profit. Again you can use social media marketing to attract more customers. Create a Facebook page for the event, put an attractive cover page and offer the tickets. There maybe people who didn’t know about the event until they saw your page.

Conduct a seasonal business:

You can conduct a small research for what most students need and get paid to fulfill that need. Let’s say a new batch arrives at your college and they have no idea where to go or what to do. Meanwhile you can manage a bookstall for them because you know the books they will need.

buy sell t shirts

If its winter you can get some hoodies made with your college logo and sell them to other students. Similarly you can make money from well designed t-shirts in summers. Even if you end up leveling things between investment and profit, you would still get invaluable experience about business which is an investment in yourself.


Being in any field of study you are required to write and that is what blogging requires, the ability to write. Trust me if you can produce 1000 articles in one year, you would be making $1000 monthly by the end of that year. Anyhow the point is you can write about anything on that blog, your personal experiences, your coursework, the girl you love(if you want everyone to find out about it), the teachers you like or stuff you do outside of the classroom. Opportunities are endless; all you need is to take action. Once you have a blog set up you can promote it by learning my “seo course” and make money from ads.

By the way you don’t have to have 1000 articles or wait a whole year before you can start making money from blogging.


Freelancing is another useful way to make money online. Useful in a way that you can pick up freelance work related to your field and it will help you improve your professional skills as well as make money. It is actually a very popular way of making money with college students. Even if your field is somewhat like structural engineering or petroleum engineering, you can still be a freelance article writer or proof reader.

Freelancing might require a bit struggle in the beginning but once you have it started, you can easily make money with a little extra work.



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