Top 7 WordPress Plugins for SEO

Bogging is a great way to make money online for free or with little investment. There are many platforms available for blogging like WordPress, Joomla, blogger and Drupal etc. however WordPress is the most popular and most flexible among them due to the availability of diverse themes and plugins. Themes glamourize the look and feel of your blog and plugins give you the flexibility to optimize your blog according to your needs without programming knowledge. The amount of money you can make from your blog is directly proportional to the traffic it has. More traffic means more money. In order…
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How to use Youtube for SEO

youtube seo

Youtube is the most popular video hosting site with millions and millions of daily visitors. So it can be a very powerful source for quality backlinks to your site. Youtube can also be used to make money from your videos, but again all you need is traffic in both cases. When I say Youtube SEO, it can be broken down into two major categories. Youtube for website SEO website for Youtube videos SEO   Youtube for website SEO: If you can some website where you teach something, you can create videos about it and post them on Youtube and link…
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How to be SEO expert?

seo expert

Search engine optimization is very vital to any online business because of the ease of access it can offer to both, the merchant and the client. A well optimized site means more leads which can translate to more and more sales. Just like a well laid out business plan is important for any business in general, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are essential for online business in particular. As a SEO expert you can not only improve your website rankings, but you can also extend those expert SEO services to other business owners and make money from your…
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