Part10: On Page SEO

Everything that you can do with your blog or the individual posts in order to improve ranking at search engine results page (SERP) is on page SEO. Contrary to common belief, on page SEO is more important than off page SEO because search engines evaluate your site based on original content, keywords and a logical site structure (sitemap). If you put duplicate content on your blog, then no matter how many backlinks you have, you will end up getting your site penalized by search engines. Everything I have discussed so far constitutes on page SEO. If you haven’t read the…
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Part8: Better keyword placement means better SEO

Misconception: It is a common belief that higher page rank means higher position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which is absolutely wrong. Your page rank does not matter much when it comes to appearance at SERP. It is the relevancy of keyword and popularity of your site that matters for search results appearance. Keyword placement is very important for SEO as it helps search engines figure out the site relevance easily. Your posts or pages should not be keyword ambiguous. As a spider visits your website, it should have no problem finding out what your page is about, nor…
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Part7: How to do keyword research

When it comes to SEO, many people talk about keyword research but nobody really tells you how to conduct it. This was the problem I faced in the earlier days of my SEO training. So I decided to walk you, step by step, through complete process of keyword research.  Figure out the keywords for you: First thing you need to figure out is the keyword or more than one keywords that “you think” are good for you. It is more of a mental activity. Just sit down in a cozy chair, grab a cup of coffee, a page and a…
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