Part13: 8 Unique Ways to Build Backlinks

Google and other search engines require that the links must be built as a natural process and people should not attempt to build links deliberately. You can’t really rely on fate when it comes to SEO. So you need to take action in order to increase the popularity of your website over the web, that big giant web. Google wants the link building process to be natural so if you can make it look natural then you can certainly get away with this link building task. I am sure you have read the tips on building links in my previous…
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Part12: 5 Tips on Backlink Building

Backlinks are the backbone of your websites reputation. High quality backlinks means better reputation which leads to targeted and high traffic. But search engines require that links to your website must come naturally. Now you can either wait for years for other websites to link to you and there is no guarantee they would do that, or you can follow these tips and build natural looking backlinks much faster. In this lesson I am going to expound upon the characteristics of high quality backlinks and what search engines expect from website that rank higher. Next lesson would reveal the actual…
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Part11: Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is what makes your site popular and drives traffic to it. This is the critical step towards white hat SEO and takes a lot of time, I repeat “a lot”. Patience is the key here. Many people try to get some links during this process but if does not go as expected, they resort to black hat SEO techniques like purchasing backlinks, site rotators, traffic exchange etc. these techniques might raise the numbers but compromise the quality. It is better to have 1 legitimate backlink from a reputed site than to have 1000 low quality backlinks from…
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