Why Wrong Turn 5 is better than Wrong Turn 6

  I recently watched Wrong Turn 6 without any prior feedback on the movie and to my regret it was not up to the expectation. I was expecting something better than previous movies in the series, especially Wrong Turn 5. Wrong Turn 6 was more of a monotonous and predictable movie. It seemed like it was just to fill in the 6th part in the series.   Wrong Turn 5 had a much stronger plot. How those cannibals take down the college students was really astonishing. First they take down the mobile communication link then melt down the power grid….
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5 Management lessons I learnt at a welcome party

Event management has been coined as the world’s most stressing job and it is true given the number of variables you have to deal with. There are like hundreds of dimensions to consider while planning any event. You have to deal with people of different mental and emotional tolerance and even if a single thing goes wrong, it can flush all your effort down the drain. Getting everything done as planned is what makes event management the most stressing. Recently I had the chance to attend a welcome party thrown to our junior batch. Although I couldn’t actively participate due…
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A website that makes $10000/month or 10 websites that make $1000 each

Blogging and niche websites are a great source of earning money online. If you can write quality articles and know a little SEO, you may be on your way to a handsome online income. There are different approaches you can take to make passive income via websites. Some people prefer to make only one website and put all their efforts into it. However others find it easy to build multiple websites and get a little out of each one. Now both approaches have their pros and cons. A website that makes $10000 per month: This approach is useful if you…
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