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Advanced SEO Terminology

301 permanent redirect: A redirect used for resources that have been moved permanently to a new location. Most common type of redirect. 302 temporary redirect: Tells search engines that the resource has been moved temporarily and the original URL will be reestablished. 404 error: An error code returned by server indicating that the requested resource does not exist at the specified address (URL) mainly because the resource has been deleted or moved to another URL. Bounce rate: The numbers of visitors that view only one page and then leave your website. It is an important parameter to gauge how engaging…
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Part14: How not to Build Backlinks

How not to build backlinks is more important than how to build them, because once you get penalized or red flagged by Google for black hat tricks, you will have a very hard time gaining back the reputation. I have been stressing throughout the course that “SEO takes time” and I have done that for a reason. Many new bloggers get frustrated along the way because they don’t see their efforts bearing any dependable fruit and they resort to black hat SEO techniques. There is no concrete time duration for SEO of any website. Some keywords are strong and websites based…
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Part13: 8 Unique Ways to Build Backlinks

Google and other search engines require that the links must be built as a natural process and people should not attempt to build links deliberately. You can’t really rely on fate when it comes to SEO. So you need to take action in order to increase the popularity of your website over the web, that big giant web. Google wants the link building process to be natural so if you can make it look natural then you can certainly get away with this link building task. I am sure you have read the tips on building links in my previous…
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