Are you the next Millionaire?

Million Dollar Idea

Do you want to be a millionaire within next 5 years?

Sure you do. Everyone does. In this post, I will give you the most important ingredient of a million dollar recipe.  If you look into the history, you will find that it is always one idea that leads you to your destination on this millionaire journey. People like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs became not millionaires but billionaires and a little overview of their journey tells us that it was one unique and catching idea that lead them to billions. Bill Gates converted the traditional command line software to graphical user interface and today every household has at least one personal computer. Mark Zuckerberg started a wholesome social media site and above all it was free and today everyone knows the name “Facebook”. Steve Jobs was the pioneer in today’s popular touch phones. He gave the idea of “no buttons” and nowadays they are called smartphones.

So you need a million dollar idea to be a millionaire. But the problem is that sometimes it may seem to be a million dollar idea while it may be flawed. That’s why I am opening this discussion so that you can comment your ideas here and have a clue of what your idea means to the world. If you get a good response on your idea, you may have a big shot at it. If your idea is not worth it then all your effort for execution will go futile. You will waste your time and energy. No doubt, proper execution is as vital as the idea itself. This discussion will give you a hint on the value of your idea.

candy crush money online

God, That game was addictive

A good example of proper execution of idea is the very famous game “candy crush saga”. Similar games have been around for many years but despite the shared idea, the execution was so perfect that it raked in $833,000 per day for first year. If you look at the level distribution, you will find some levels easy followed by a difficult level. The players become so addicted that they even pay for skipping a level. It also features the social media integration which uses the best marketing approach. People tell their friends about the game and as a reward they get next level unlocked. Even the ads appear in such sophisticated manner that they don’t annoy the user. With more than 100 million users candy crush is able to make $833,000 a day despite the fact that only 30% of total users use in-app purchases.

Now that the importance of ideas has been established, you can do some brainstorming and come up with the next million dollar idea. You can participate in the discussion by commenting below this article and invite your friends to join you.

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