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zaheer ahmed gauhar zagMy name is Zaheer Ahmed Gauhar. I have been in online business for quite a long time now. The start of my journey is quite interesting. It started in 2006. I was in 7th grade when I read in an “internet directory” about earning money online. It seemed quite easy at that time. There were some very simple sites given in that book which required very little effort. Although I could not find those sites online but I got this thing stuck in my mind that earning money online is possible. Since then I have been trying many different ways to make money online. Some of them did work, most of them didn’t.

I have tried every legal thing online. I started from Paid to Click (PTC) sites. They paid very little and also took a long time to reach the payment threshold. PTC sites promising a lot of money per click were all scams.

Then I started blogger but since I was young and had little to write about, I soon gave up. Another discouraging factor was the haste, as I wanted the money to come quickly. Lack of SEO education was another disadvantage. I tried black hat SEO as well, asking people to visit my sites and click some ads while I did the same for them in exchange.

After failing at blogging, I had reached 18 years of age and was able to pay money online through services like payza; moneybookers etc. then I started investing in High Yield Investment Plans (HYIPs) which promised to pay certain percentage of return on my investment. Thanks to the lack of money, I invested in only one of them ( which turned out to be a scam. Although I read reviews about it and they were positive. But then I realized that positive reviews are what those site owners want. Here is the idea. They invest some money in site development, hosting, domain name and to pay initial investors. When they pay some people initially, those people are convinced and refer others. As a result other people start investing more money in their site and after reaching a set amount of money site is closed by the owners leaving the investors empty handed.

After that I started forex trading on demo account. Due to lack of forex education, I had no idea but to buy the currency when price goes up and sell when it goes down. Ironically, no one was willing to teach me even the basics. Everyone offered paid forex training. (That’s why I offer free forex training at Anyhow I tried to practice on demo account but there was no profit so I felt little interested. Then I got a no-deposit bonus of $100 from ACFX and traded with them. Although I made it to $300 but due to lack of forex training and disciplined trading, I lost all of them quickly.

Then I invested some other programs like ad-pub combo by There was apparently nothing to do because you could be advertiser and publisher at the same time and purchase organic traffic to fulfill the advertising needs. Anyhow, due to their system I had to keep my money invested with them for almost two years and then they upgraded to newer version of the site. New version required more money which I was not willing to risk so I dropped that site as well. Although the site had actually paid many people earlier, I got nothing out of it.

There was another website I invested in. it dealt with keyword sales. You would purchase keywords and their prices would rise with each purchase. When someone else purchases a keyword you own, you will get a certain profit and the site will earn commission. Initially it went great but then they suffered some backlogs in withdrawals. In short, I am still waiting for the payout from Tag Village. On the bright side, I learnt a lot about keywords, competition, keyword research and organic traffic which is the crux of white hat SEO. Despite learning a lot about white hat SEO, there were some missing pieces of the puzzle.

After a long dangling struggle of 7 years, the success started.

In 2013 I heard about from a friend and read all of it which gave me the basic knowledge of forex trading. I tried many of the indicators and kept hunting for Holy Grail in forex but to no use. Meanwhile I had started forum posting on which is owned by instaforex and pays $0.20 per post. That money could be used as trading capital and any profits made over it could be withdrawn. After learning the basics, I started trading with instaforex and that is when I started making some money off the internet and I actually got paid.

By the start of 2014 I came to know about by Nial Fuller. He taught simplistic way of trading based on price action aka Price Action Trading (PAT). After learning his basic course and all the articles related to forex trading, I started practicing forex trade and soon I became a pro. Since there is no hard and fast way to trade the market, there are ups and downs in a trader’s life. Trading becomes easier and more profitable with experience.

During summer in 2014, I was inspired by the very simple android game “Flappy Bird” which became very popular within weeks so I decided to learn android development. I learnt basic android development using the tutorials from The New Boston and started making some apps. Although they were very basic but still they got off and I decided to improve my android skills. Now I have a good skill set and make good money off of the android apps.

By the end of summer I came across an SEO course on Udemy and bam! I got all the missing pieces of SEO puzzle. That is when I started to create a blog and share all my knowledge and experiences for free. Although the course suggested making 10 websites but I decided to go with only one. Now I feel very comfortable while blogging because I know that it is the legitimate way that is going to work eventually.

I would urge you to explore this blog.

Happy learning.

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