A website that makes $10000/month or 10 websites that make $1000 each

Blogging and niche websites are a great source of earning money online. If you can write quality articles and know a little SEO, you may be on your way to a handsome online income. There are different approaches you can take to make passive income via websites.

Some people prefer to make only one website and put all their efforts into it. However others find it easy to build multiple websites and get a little out of each one. Now both approaches have their pros and cons.

A website that makes $10000 per month:

This approach is useful if you have a lot of knowledge and content on a certain topic and you are also an expert on white hat SEO. Some of the benefits of having only one website are:

  • It is easy to maintain.easy money online
  • It is less expensive because you only require one domain name and hosting account.
  • It is time saving because you only need to write one article against ten to keep the site updated.
  • Search engine optimization is also easier in case of one website as you need to build less backlinks compared to ten websites.

Although one website is easier to maintain but it has a downside as well.

  • Writing about a single topic means you will eventually run out of content which may be hazardous for your website. One way to tackle this is make your site generic. It should not be a niche site. For example, to make only one website, your domain name should be something like yourname.com or www.myblog.com . However if you register a domain name like www.tennisballs.com then you are bound to write about tennis balls only. Such domain names are more appropriate if you plan to have multiple niche sites.
  • If your only site gets penalized by search engines, then you have nowhere to go and reviving your reputation may be a very cumbersome job.

10 websites that make $1000/month each:

If you have more websites your chances of success multiply. Some sites might perform very badly however some sites will certainly take off. Many people prefer to have more websites due to certain reasons.

  • All of the ideas may not be very interesting but some of them will certainly hit off and make more money than the others.
  • If one of your sites is penalized by search engines due to some reason, you will always have other websites to keep making money. Your money won’t stop coming in.

There are apparently more downsides to having more websites.

  • Registering 10 domain names and a hosting account to host all of them is quite expensive. For a blog, the disk space may not be an issue but you will need a premium hosting plan to host ten domains on a single hosting account.
  • You need to dedicate enough time to write articles for each one of them to maintain the post frequency.
  • You should be an all-rounder to be able to write quality content about ten completely different niches.
  • You will have to write more guest posts and e-zines for backlinks to all of your websites. It will take even more time from SEO point of view.

Despite all the downsides, this approach is worth the money it can make. So the topic still stays controversial.discuss

Personally I would like to take the “one website that makes $10000/month” approach. Although it will take a lot of time to get to $10000/month but it is easier for me to handle. I created this bog with the same mindset. Instead of creating ten sites with different niches, you can create one site and make a category for each niche.

You can make a difference:

Well I have given my opinion, yours may be different. If you feel that 10 websites can perform better than one, leave me a comment below.

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