Part13: 8 Unique Ways to Build Backlinks

Google and other search engines require that the links must be built as a natural process and people should not attempt to build links deliberately. You can’t really rely on fate when it comes to SEO. So you need to take action in order to increase the popularity of your website over the web, that big giant web. Google wants the link building process to be natural so if you can make it look natural then you can certainly get away with this link building task. I am sure you have read the tips on building links in my previous article. Now is the time to introduce you to the resources you can use to build backlinks. But there is one thing I would like to stress upon. Link building is an ongoing process. As you keep posting on your blog and keep it active, links will keep coming. These sources are just to boost up the process a little bit. Also there is no guarantee that if you write an article and link back to your site, that link will be indexed so don’t worry if you don’t see an increase in backlinks with every guest post or hubpage you publish. It’s just part of the game.

So moving to the link building techniques you can use. Here is a list of some of the legitimate ones.

Write Ezines:

ezine articles

Ezine Articles is a very popular article directory featuring all kinds of articles. You can write an introduction to your website and submit it to ezine articles. Or you can write an informative article related to your niche and then direct the readers to your website at the end of the article. Ezine articles allows you to post two links with each article so it is highly recommended that you post one link to your homepage and second to some  other relevant post.

Along with ezine articles, there are many other article directories you can use to publish articles and build links to your site. Those directories include; you can also Google the term “article submission directories” and work with the results. But be careful of the spammers so that the quality of your links is not compromised.

Write hub pages:

hub pages

Hubpages is a different kind of article submission directory. Its interface is a little different yet very easy to work with. You can add small snippets called “capsules” for everything. There is capsule for text, one for images; other one for links etc. the point is once you get a hang of it you will feel very comfortable. So write hubpages and follow the two link rule for back links. Take good care of the categories. Whenever you are submitting articles to ezines or hubpages you should always select the most appropriate category for your article otherwise you will end up getting wrong audience.

Write press releases:

press release

Press releases are very popular nowadays. Since people read them as frequently as newspapers, any information published in a press release has better chances of getting picked up. You can write a press release about your website and publish it for free. Chances are that many people will find it due to increasing popularity of PRs (Press Releases) and if they like your stuff they may even remember your domain name for future reference.

Upload videos:

Videos are very easy way to attract more people. Many people love to watch videos rather than reading a long piece of text. So if you can upload a video about your content it can have positive effects on your website traffic. You can record videos about an introduction of your site, what motivated you to start blogging or anything fun that people will watch and would wish to see your site. You can upload videos on YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo or any other video hosting websites. An even better and faster way is to post your videos on Facebook and invite your friends to view it. This way you can ensure that your content reaches people without waiting for them to search for it. A link at the bottom of your video will be a good option to invite people to visit your website.

Write guest blog posts:

There is a lot of competition in every niche nowadays. If you start blogging about something chances are many people were already blogging about the same thing. They are your competition. You should always read their blogs to stay up to date about your competent. You can see the innovative tricks they use to attract visitors and improvise some for yourself. You can also write guest blog posts and submit them to a blogger who has better traffic than you. He will get a good article and you will get a backlink so it is a win-win situation for both of them.

guest blogging


Use social media sites:

social media for backlinks

Social media has gone viral recently. If you are not at it, you don’t exist. So start existing by increasing your presence on different social media. Create a Facebook page for your blog. Start a trend on twitter. Create a page on Google plus. Have a message board setup on pinterest. Make sure you share each post on all social media sources. You can use Publicize, a sub plugin from “Jetpack by WordPress” for automatic sharing of your posts. As you publish a post, it will automatically be shared on your Facebook page, Google plus profile, twitter and other social sites. This will not only increase referral traffic to your website but also increase backlinks because search engines are constantly crawling these sites due to rapidly updating content.

Ask other webmasters for back links:

You can ask other webmasters with similar sites to link to your website. You can find a blog, contact the blogger and ask him politely to link to your site. Many of them may not accept your request. There are certain things you can do to increase the odds. First of all admire their blog and tell them what you have to offer on your blog. Take a polite tone in your message. And target the individual blog owners, not the organizations. Individual bloggers are usually the ones struggling themselves so they will most certainly link to you and may ask you to link back to them, which is perfectly fine.

Blog Comments:

blog comments for seo



Commenting on others posts with a link to your blog can be another powerful tool to build link to your website or invite people who read that comment. But take care of certain things while commenting. Your comments have to be relevant. It’s useless to comment about sports stuff on a cosmetics blog. First of all it won’t be approved by the blog admin; even if moderation is not applied people who will come to your website would just be frustrated because they were never interested in what you have to offer in the first place.

Make your comments logical. Don’t just say “thank you” or “very nice blog” and then post a link. Give away a piece of content or your useful opinion on the topic so that people feel the need to visit your blog and learn about you. Just when they are ready there will be a link sitting at the bottom of the comment leading them straight to you website.

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