5 Management lessons I learnt at a welcome party

Event management has been coined as the world’s most stressing job and it is true given the number of variables you have to deal with. There are like hundreds of dimensions to consider while planning any event. You have to deal with people of different mental and emotional tolerance and even if a single thing goes wrong, it can flush all your effort down the drain. Getting everything done as planned is what makes event management the most stressing.

Recently I had the chance to attend a welcome party thrown to our junior batch. Although I couldn’t actively participate due to illness but I did manage to attend the event. It was a very well managed event given the very short window of two days for booking of Askari club and all other arrangements. There were many things to learn from the event in terms of management.

I am going to mention all the haves and have-nots of the party in terms of management. There would certainly be more to it but I would just mention my observations.

Plan ahead:

plan ahead

While managing a big event you need to have a walkthrough of whole process in your mind. You need to realize the possibilities of all the problems, no matter how meager and have a plan to tackle each one of them. The most important factor is time in this case. The more time you have for planning the event, the more efficient it would be. Having ample amount of time will leave you stress free and help you stay focused on important things. Otherwise you will freak out thinking if how would it be done within the deadline.

So buy time and avoid rushing into things.

Don’t expect! Direct:


Regardless of what type of event you are organizing, like a guest speaker’ visit, a treat, a birthday party or even a marriage party, there will always be varied audience. If you are managing let’s say a scholar’s visit to your institute, then sure there will be academic audience but they will differ in their intelligence, psychology and manners. So if there is something of common sense, you can’t assume that everyone will get it. You should not expect people to behave in a certain way just because the decorum demands it. In fact you should direct them to do what you want them to do.  For example if you are to serve refreshments and you want the guests and hosts to distribute in a certain manner, you need to direct them using some sorts of aids. You can’t assume that they will follow what you have in mind.

Keep everything organized:

Organization of the event is very crucial to its success. You can divide the event into sub events and work in small teams, with each team focusing on a specific sub event. The teams can then collaborate to come up with the mega event.

Similarly organization is also required for audience. If you have been to some formal ceremonies, there are always separate enclosures for different tiers of guests. You can use signs to organize the audience, distinguishing the hosts from guests.

Always have a plan B:plan b, management

You should always have a backup plan in case things go wrong. What is power is gone? What if your band doesn’t show up? What if you have to shrink your show/talk due to time constraints? What if it rains in case of open air events? You need to have answers to all these questions and many others well before the date of actual event. You should have the alternatives handy, if you want your event to be a success.


Despite all your efforts there are chances that things might go wrong. Since there are many, many things to consider while planning an event it is very likely that some minute details will be left out? There may be a crisis situation which you couldn’t even think of. Improvisation can come to your help in such a scenario. Now it is more of a personality trait and can be developed with experience. Not everyone is good at improvising. Anyhow being able to improvise under unforeseen circumstances might save the day for you.


These were some factors that can contribute towards a well managed event. There may be many more factors that affect event management and there are some that vary from event to event. I have not covered the topic in its entirety. If you feel the need of any additions or modifications, you can always leave me a comment below.


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